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AEB Devolution and Greater London Authority Funding

From 2019/20, AEB funding arrangements will change and London colleges will need to seek funding for adult learners via the Greater London Authority.

However, we are aware that some of our South East colleges recruit adult learners from outer London areas and as it currently stands, they may not be able to access this funding.

The GLA have provided reassurance that directly grant-funded provision (i.e. colleges) should be straight forward ‘lift and shift’ but non-grant funded provision (i.e. delivery which is ‘contracted’ under ESFA agreement) will be re-procured this Summer.

Please can you email if you think your college will be affected and what the likely impact could be.

In the meantime, there is a dedicated email account which has been established by the GLA and if you think your college might be affected, please email to register an interest in the opportunity to have a co-ordinated discussion in the first instance