AoC SE - Association of Colleges South East

Peer Review & Development

AoC SE has developed a series of Peer Review and Development services providing colleges with the opportunity to support themselves through working together to share and develop their practice.

Peer Review and Development projects provide the following benefits to Reviewers/College staff:

  • Supporting the development of reflective practice
  • Providing Opportunities to develop skills as a moderator and share best practice
  • Improving the quality of the learning experience
  • Gaining new ideas and fresh perspectives about FE practice
  • Enhancing analytical feedback skills
  • Assisting with internal validation and benchmarking activity by gaining greater awareness of external standards and practices

Peer Review and Development projects provide the following benefits to your College

  • Enhancing the quality assurance process
  • Validating college processes with an external perspective to ensure robust benchmarking and professional challenge
  • Supporting the personal development of college staff
  • Enabling Colleges to demonstrate a commitment to enhancing quality for external evaluation processes
  • Developing relationships between Colleges allowing for the cross-fertilisation of ideas and approaches

If you would like more information regarding our Peer Review & Development services or to become involved, please contact:

Gemma Baker
Director of Strategy