AOSEC - The Association of South East Colleges

Peer Review & Development

AOSEC has developed a series of Peer Review and Development services providing colleges with the opportunity to support themselves through working together to share and develop their practice.

Peer Review and Development projects provide the following benefits to Reviewers/College staff:

  • Supporting the development of reflective practice
  • Providing Opportunities to develop skills as a moderator and share best practice
  • Improving the quality of the learning experience
  • Gaining new ideas and fresh perspectives about FE practice
  • Enhancing analytical feedback skills
  • Assisting with internal validation and benchmarking activity by gaining greater awareness of external standards and practices

Peer Review and Development projects provide the following benefits to your College

  • Enhancing the quality assurance process
  • Validating college processes with an external perspective to ensure robust benchmarking and professional challenge
  • Supporting the personal development of college staff
  • Enabling Colleges to demonstrate a commitment to enhancing quality for external evaluation processes
  • Developing relationships between Colleges allowing for the cross-fertilisation of ideas and approaches

AOSEC SAR Peer Review and Development project – 2016/17

We are currently planning for the AOSEC SAR Peer Review and Development project for 2016/17. The scheme has now been running successfully since 2006 and both host colleges and peer reviewers have continued to benefit from the experience of fellow SE colleagues to enhance their SAR validation process.

“A hugely positive experience which enables colleagues to discuss and reflect on the many areas relating to the self-assessment process. It is always a positive to have time to discuss ideas with others from other colleges”.
Guildford College

“As a reviewer and a host college I found this experience invaluable. Our own reviewers were very rigorous and really focused our minds on the potential ‘gaps’ in information. It was re-assuring to have our Self assessment grades validated. I found it very interesting to visit another college and discuss their processes and systems and feel this will benefit my own college through sharing of good practice”.
South Downs College

Following feedback from last year’s participants, we have streamlined our model for this PRD project to give greater flexibility whilst retaining a quality and robust experience.  This year participants will be placed into groups of three whereby they will do two reviews and one host review with the same people.

A registration form and project protocols can be found below.

Please note that in order to cover costs, this service will incur a nominal annual charge of £400 per college to cover the administration, induction training and evaluation required. This cost has not increased for 2016/17.

If you would like more information regarding our Peer Review & Development services or to become involved, please contact:

Gemma Baker
Director of Strategy