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Area Based Reviews

Area Based Reviews: Reviewing Post-16 Education and Training Institutions

The aim of Area Based Reviews is to reduce duplication and waste, improve matching of local and learner needs, and develop higher level specialist provision i.e. efficiency and focus.

This page contains AOSEC news, government guidance and useful resources


AOSEC Area Based Reviews event
Friday 5th February 2016
East Surrey College

Area Based Reviews: Waves 2,3,4 & 5
The Department for Business Innovation and Skills has published the indicative lists and dates for waves 2,3,4 and 5 for Area Based Reviews. The South East region is present in four out of five of the lists.

Reviewing post-16 education and training institutions: guidance on area reviews
This guidance sets out the national framework for area reviews of the post-16 education and training sector. It explains how area reviews will be carried out by local providers and stakeholders working with the Further Education and Sixth Form College Commissioners and the education and skills funding agencies.

Reviewing post-16 education and training institutions
This document sets out how the government will support a restructure of the post-16 education and training sector through a series of area based reviews. This will help create more financially stable and efficient providers and improved collaboration across the different types of institution.

Reviewing post-16 education and training institutions: details of the area reviews
HTML page

Nick Linford – LSECT webinar slides – 30th September 2015
Slides taken from the webinar held on the 30th September 2015

College area review ‘shambles’ — Shadow Minister Nic Dakin hits out over ‘unwieldy’ key meetings
FE Week article – 2nd October 2015

Principles and Operation of a Review – Beej Kaczmarczyk, Learning Curve Group
Slides from Learning Curve Group

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